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Gaining traction in the ecommerce world is no easy task.

Online marketing can often feel like a gamble, throwing money at the problem and hoping for results. Our proven marketing strategies can help you get the most out of every dollar in your marketing budget and capture market share.

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Ecommerce Marketing To Accelerate Your Growth

There is no limit to what marketing can do for your ecommerce company, whether you’re an established brand or just starting out.

Get Instant Brand Credibility

Get a Beautifully Designed Ecommerce Site Built to Make Money!

Gain Targeted Traffic

Don’t Just Increase Traffic. Attract Your Ideal Audience and Customers Who Convert!

Convert Traffic Into Sales

Marketing Isn’t Just a Sales Pitch, It Provides Value to Shoppers and Makes Them Want to Buy From You!


Let Us Do What We Do Best so You Can Focus on What You Do Best

You’re busy running your business. Mastering marketing will take time that you could use elsewhere. 

Let us do what we do best so you can do what you do best.

Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness: Increasing brand awareness is key to company growth, and advertising is the best way to achieve results. Here’s how we can get people talking about your business:

  • Create targeted ad campaigns
  • Leverage new digital channels
  • Set meaningful KPIs for business goals
  • Manage multiple ad typesTrack and optimize results
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Increase Trust and Authority

Is your competition always catching a break with PR? Do you wonder what the secret is to get your name in the press or brand mentions on blogs? It isn’t a secret; it’s marketing. We can:

  • Manage PR and broadcast authority
  • Provide quality content and media mentions
  • Establish you as an industry leader
  • Highlight glowing reviews and testimonials
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Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Customer acquisition is only one part of the game. All the traffic in the world means nothing if nobody converts or becomes a repeat customer. We can help you: LTV

  • Target the right type of customer
  • Understand their wants and needs
  • Design an engaging buyer’s journey
  • Automate marketing with content drip
  • Reward your loyal customers
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Maximize ROI

Many types of paid marketing are nothing more than a gamble. You spend hard-earned money on ads hoping they’ll bring worthwhile traffic to your site. Our strategy is different. Our expertise and experience allow us to:

  • Identify which strategies are best for you
  • Focus on repeatable tactics and CRO
  • Build long-term campaigns
  • Use low-risk, high-reward methods
  • Maximize your marketing budget
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Boost Average Order Value

Boost AOV: In addition to attracting more customers, you can significantly boost revenue by increasing the average order value for those customers. A few ways we do this are:

  • Placing ads in front of the right buyers
  • Tracking and analyzing metrics and KPIs
  • Consult on upselling and cross-selling tactics
  • Strategic A/B testing
  • Strong sales language
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Your Success is Our Passion

We Excel With These Types of Businesses

We are not a generic agency that is going to feed your company info into automation software and let it spit out some ads. We’ll have you competing at the top of your niche.

Apparel & Fashion
Apparel & Fashion
Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Sporting and Outdoors
Sporting & Outdoors
Apparel & Fashion
Home & Pet

“Darren is one of the best internet marketers that I’ve ever met.”

Eddie Machaalani​
Co-Founder, BigCommerce

Create a Distinctive Brand

Brand Development Services

A brand is a living thing that grows and changes over time. You probably already have an idea of what you want that to be.

We can help you not only bring that idea to life, but make it flourish. Here are some of the areas we will assist you in planning and executing so your ecommerce brand is strong from all angles.

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Ecommerce Service Page Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy will drive the efforts of all future marketing. We can help you develop and strengthen this foundation. Results-driven ecommerce growth relies on many factors, but two of the most important are consistency and public perception.

Ecommerce Service Page Visual Identity
Visual Identity

Visuals as simple as your ecommerce logo design and company colors are vital for brand recognition. Don’t settle for something whipped up in MS Paint or a decade-old logo. Let our graphic designers bring your vision to life!

Ecommerce Service Page Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines

What are the core tenets that drive your brand? This is important for your brand’s identity in front of its audience as well as internal company culture. Let our writers and business strategists help you find the words.

Ecommerce Service Page Inbound Strategy
Inbound Strategy

This is what separates the experts from the amateurs. True marketing isn’t just paying for Google ads and hoping for the best. It’s building meaningful connections with your ideal audiences now to ensure continued success in the future.

Ecommerce Service Page Product Positioning
Product Positioning

Why do customers buy your products? And why do they buy them from you of all places? Reverse engineering the answer to these questions can give you the terminology you need to continue serving new and old customers.

Ecommerce Service Page Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitor brands is essential. This is true for both SEO and general business strategy. You need to know your strengths and find opportunities in your competitors’ weaknesses. We can help with that!

Leverage the Power of Design

Web Design and Development Services

As part of our full-spectrum marketing service, we have in-house web development and design experts who can enhance every aspect of your ecommerce store.

No matter what platform you’re on, we can design new pages for you or clean up the code on your existing site. If you’re in need of an overhaul, we can help you migrate to the platform that will give you the best results.

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Ecommerce Service Page Shopify Design
Shopify Design

Is your ecommerce store hosted on Shopify? We are a certified Shopify Partner and are proficient with all its features. With our experience, we know the tips and tricks to leverage the platform for your maximum benefit.

Ecommerce Service Page Custom Development
Custom Web Development

Could you use some coding help to bring your vision to life? We have developers with various backgrounds who can assist you with ecommerce integrations on almost any platform or self-hosted site.

Ecommerce Service Page Replatform site migration

Are you looking to upgrade to a new digital platform for your online store? We can suggest the best fit for your content and aid you in a switch to or from platforms like Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Adobe Commerce.

Ecommerce Service Page Website Support
Website Support

Are you getting bogged down by constant website maintenance? Whether it’s a specific issue or the constant updates, backups, and security checks, our IT gurus can take care of the boring backend stuff so you can focus on what matters.

Ecommerce Service Page UX Strategy
UX Strategy

User experience design is absolutely crucial for ecommerce. Better website designs see more conversions and even rank better in SERPs. We can improve the flow of your ecommerce store.

Connect With the Right Audience

Paid Media Services

There are so many digital advertising methods nowadays that it can quickly get overwhelming. You’ve probably heard many of these terms before, but truly understanding what they are and how to utilize them is a whole other question. Fortunately, our combined experience can help you with whichever is best suited for your ecommerce business.

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Ecommerce Service Page Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a unique subcategory of search engine optimization. There are both free and paid search options to display your ecommerce products in these results, making them easy for shoppers to purchase. We can get you a spot.

Ecommerce Service Page Video Ads
Video Ads

With the prominence of social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, video ads are more important than ever. A lot of small business owners don’t have the equipment or desire to create video ads for Facebook & Instagram ads; Luckily, we do.

Ecommerce Service Page Ad Copywriting
Ad Copywriting

Are you struggling to find the right words to do justice to your brand and products? Our experienced copywriters can take your ideas and translate them into beautiful and compelling text.

Ecommerce Service Page FB IG Ads
Facebook & Instagram Ads

Billions of people use these platforms every single day, and you better believe your customers are among them. If you want to build strong connections with your audience and attract entire new communities of customers, there is no better way than social media.

Ecommerce Service Page Remarketing

Did you know you can leverage the search history of internet users to serve ads to your ideal audience? You’ve probably experienced this personally (for better or worse), but it is a proven strategy for online businesses. We’re happy to teach you how it works.

Ecommerce Service Page Amazon PPC
Amazon PPC

Amazon is responsible for over one-third of all ecommerce. You can leverage that incredible reach through the Amazon pay-per-click program. We can determine if that is a good fit for your company and show you how to get started.

Ecommerce Service Page Display Ads
Display Ads

Display ads are the traditional form of embedding pictures, videos, or text on other websites. Our marketing experts can come up with a complete ecommerce marketing strategy for creating those ads and determine the best place to display them.

Boost Organic Traffic

Content Marketing Services

We also offer a range of content marketing services to rejuvenate your on-site and off-site endeavors. We’ll find the areas of your ecommerce site most in need of improvement and get them into shape. This can include fresh content creation, optimizing code behind the scenes, or updating your SEO strategy. Even if you don’t have a blog or content-focused marketing strategy, we can help!

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Ecommerce Service Page Technical SEO
Technical SEO

The backend of your site can significantly affect ecommerce SEO. Most webmasters are more familiar with on-site SEO, so let our IT wizards sift through your server to find ways to make your site faster, safer, and score higher in SERPs.

Ecommerce Service Page Keyword Research
Keyword Research

You probably already have some target keywords, but are they the right ones? Finding the right low-difficulty alternatives can net your more qualified traffic and conversions! Let our SEO experts find the right ones and explain why they’re better.

Ecommerce Service Page Content Strategy
Content Strategy

There is more to online marketing than just shotgunning ads into digital space. We will help you develop marketing goals and content marketing strategies to achieve them.

Ecommerce Service Page SEO Copywriting
SEO Copywriting

There is more to good copy than just keywords. Using the right variety of terms and links is important, but it also has to be helpful and sound natural. We have experienced copywriters standing by to write new content for you or spruce up what you already have.

Ecommerce Service Page Digital PR
Digital PR

You don’t want to be just another faceless brand peddling its wares on the internet. Our PR pros can help you set yourself apart as a company people want to do business with.

Ecommerce Service Page Shopify SEO
Shopify SEO

Shopify SEOAmazon is responsible for over one-third of all ecommerce. You can leverage that incredible reach through the Amazon pay-per-click program. We can determine if that is a good fit for your company and show you how to get started.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Sales Funnel Optimization

Many marketing agencies think their work stops at the door. They drive traffic to your site; the rest is up to you.

Not us. Our marketing team won’t stop until customers are making purchases from your site and coming back for more.

Do you have a sales funnel? What is the weakest link in your funnel? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you’re losing customers without even knowing why. We can help you create or review your sales funnel to maximize how many customers complete the journey.

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Ecommerce Service Page CRO
Conversion Rate Optimization

As we’ve said before, all the traffic in the world means nothing if that traffic isn’t converting. We won’t only help get visitors to your site; we’ll show you how to make them stay there and continue through your sales funnel with conversion rate optimization.

Ecommerce Service Page Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and the backbone of many digital marketing campaigns. Whether you want to improve your email campaigns or start one from scratch, we have experts ready to assist you.

Ecommerce Service Page Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Many business owners don’t have time to manage dozens of digital marketing strategies. While this connects us with ecommerce clients, we can also streamline the process with automation. There are solutions that can turn hour-long tasks into a single click, and we’ll help you set them up.

Ecommerce Service Page A B Testing
A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered if this or that would get you better results on your site? Whether it’s a featured product, logo, or landing page, that’s what A/B testing is for. Serve two versions of the same page to visitors and track which one performs better. We use this tactic to perfect websites.

“Results speak for themselves. I’ve seen, firsthand, Darren’s impact on traffic and revenue on multiple web properties.​”

Vladimir Gritsenko​
VP Of Marketing At X-Cart​

How We Work

Our Data-Driven Approach



We’ll start by auditing your website and ad accounts in search of new opportunities. Next, we’ll investigate your competition to see what you’re up against.



With that information, we’ll come up with tactics to improve your website, enhance your ads, and perfectly position your brand in the market. 



Before moving forward, we will consult and collaborate with you on our plan of action, including any ideas you may have.



Our expert marketers, content creators, and strategists will execute the plan. We can make live changes to your site and backups, as needed. 



We will monitor the results, allowing us to fine-tune our tactics and explore further opportunities to boost performance and long-term success.



You have direct access to results and insights gained from the process. Data-driven reports show which tactics were most effective, suggesting future marketing strategies. 

Is This Service Right For You?

Great Fit For Agency

It’s a great fit if…

  • You have a minimum project budget of at least $3K
  • You can make a long-term investment
  • You know getting real results takes time
  • Micromanaging isn’t your style
Not A Great Fit

It’s not a great fit if…

  • You’re undecided about your business model or budget
  • You’ve got a short-term mindset
  • You’re looking for a “Yes Man” agency
  • You can’t trust us to do our job

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Common Questions

Hiring a full-service ecommerce marketing agency is an investment. Most services can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000 per month. However, these services are customizable depending on the approach you want to take for your business. One-off projects start at $3K.

While trying to do it all on your own is admirable, the fact is that no one (especially entrepreneurs) has the time or expertise to do everything. And frankly, the pros will do it better. What might seem like a significant investment now can amplify your future success and leave you kicking yourself for waiting so long to do it!

Unlike many other ecommerce marketing companies, we are focused on getting you results, not spending your money on ads. We’ll help you get the maximum benefit for every dollar in your marketing budget without trying to sell you anything you don’t need.
Don’t fall for empty promises from a one-trick pony marketing “agency.” Go with the pros who can help you achieve your vision, whether you need the assistance of graphic designers, programmers, writers, or marketers.

Ecommerce marketing is the process of attracting visitors to your online store and converting them into buyers.

This type of marketing can be done through various channels such as websites, social media, newsletters, blogs, etc.

Ecommerce marketing is also referred to as digital commerce marketing or internet commerce marketing.

Let’s Work Together

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

If You’ve Made It This Far, Welcome Aboard. Let’s Get Your Website Ranking and Revenue Boosted.

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